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I'm a nature obsessed artist who lives in an little house in a little vilage in the Highlands of Scotland.I wander around a lot in the wilds and spend time just looking at things like birds and moths and trees and rocks. The rest of the time I'm drawing or painting, making odd things out of old stuff and drinking giant cups of peppermint tea. Imogen Greene is my pen name. I like the way it sounds and it just kind of suits what I do.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Night flyer

I just put this new little painting into Imogens attic on etsy.
The hares are still running around in my head
 and not quite ready to come out onto the page.
I've been a bit distraced ( you know I meant distracted, but I kind of like the sound of distraced!) 
over the last couple of days.
The men have come to paint the outside of our windows and doors,
which means that they have had to leave all the windows and doors open for most of the day.
We have been waiting since March,( yes March!) and now there is snow on the hills and a freezing wind,
..........................great timing guys!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

The path home

Well, the weather for my hike on Thursday wasn't that great, lots of low cloud swirling around,
 but it did lift now and again just enough for me to get my bearings.
The red deer rut is in full swing, there were stags roaring in every corrie, what a fantastic noise they make!
I saw a couple of mountain hares as well, still that lovely grey brown colour on the body with white legs,
they may be in their white winter coats by the next time I take a wander on the mountain tops.

I've just added the fox onto Imogens Attic.
 I think a couple of mountain hares will be my next addition so look out for them!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Sepia Ink Fox

This isn't quite finished yet but will be soon! 
The finishing touches will have to wait till Friday as I'm off hill walking tomorrow.
I'm looking forward to having a day out in the wilds.

A different ink drawing will be added to my etsy shop later tonight.
A badger, I've never drawn one before but I think he's pretty cute.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

What's next?

Old Pines (Detail)

One of the new additions to my ety shop.I have been trying to get more work done for etsy in between getting some new work done for my gallerys.This week the frames that I ordered arrived so I have taken over all the available surfaces in the house and there are bits of tape, mounts, glass polish,rules,dusters,packaging,off cuts,tools and work in various stages of  framing everywhere. Thankfully there is a growing pile of work ready to be dispatched. There should be two new pieces for Imogen's Attic by the end of the week too, a badger and a fox in sepia ink.