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I'm a nature obsessed artist who lives in an little house in a little vilage in the Highlands of Scotland.I wander around a lot in the wilds and spend time just looking at things like birds and moths and trees and rocks. The rest of the time I'm drawing or painting, making odd things out of old stuff and drinking giant cups of peppermint tea. Imogen Greene is my pen name. I like the way it sounds and it just kind of suits what I do.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Owl and talismans

Short eared owl

On Sunday we went hill walking which was uneventful and very wet but we saw this beautiful short eared owl on the way home. We watched it for quarter of an hour gliding above the fields quite close by. The markings are so striking, even more so in flight.

Work in the studio has taken a back seat lately, but things are starting to move along again. I've spent the morning making prototype drawstring pouches for my animal talisman pottery shards. They're not quite perfected yet but a few more tweaks and we're there I think.


PiaD said...

You didn't! You saw an owl and watched it for 15 minutes!? Incredible, that would never happen here- or well not to me at least. I saw an owl at dawn a few months ago, just flashing by as it crossed the road.

Imogen Greene said...

Recently I've seen short eared owls quite often during daylight on the same stretch of road, I think they are the only owls we have over here that hunt by day. It's lovely to be able to watch them. This one was skimming over a field of reeds and long grass at a height of 4 feet after it left it's post. Amazing!